andy kohler

Blogs For Folks Who Don't Blog

Ach, I've been too busy to write in this blog. But I don't know if I really need a blog because I don't feel the need to share my life as I once did. Funny how things change like that. I felt compelled to make this web page and I'm glad I did but now I wonder if it should just be even simpler, like the way devs have some sort of snappy business card kind of thing.

I got a notice from Github that it would halt my workflow for this website from inactivity. Sad moment.

On a related note I used to read Medium fanatically, especially the coding articles. None of it did me any practical good besides exposing me to new concepts. But I wonder how many articles I read that were simply wrong. Anyway, now that I work on coding at night I never read that stuff. Medium changed their format too and now I feel like cancelling it since I don't use it. I enjoyed it when I used it but now that, too, seems a bit pointless. Is there a point at which social media just becomes boring because the content is unchanging. It's a bunch of people writing stuff and they can't help but to repeat themselves. You are just chasing the likes after all.

I spent a lot of down time on Twitter in the last few years and loved the writers and devs and people in the peripheries. It just seems dull now. I hate hustle culture, especially in the tech world. I used to enjoy keeping up with art and writing from California but because of life and kids and pandemic I haven't been there since 2017 (!!) so I've slowly lost the connection.

Anyway, I was thinking about it and I decided to keep this up and maybe try some more at it.