Andy Kohler

Full Stack C# / .NET Core Developer
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About Me

I am enthusiastic about designing and building software with others, especially builds made through Test Driven Development and the judicious use of accurately commented Version Control. I am interested in the dynamics of front-end work, particularly in discerning what users need. I strive to create an optimized and intuitive software UX, and a highly readable and efficiently coded back-end.

In 2016, while looking into a new career, I stumbled across a passionate and helpful coding community while reading Medium articles about coding in general. I was hooked and dove in, learning some basic Python on Codecademy. I knew I needed a higher level of learning, and in the fall of 2019 entered the We Can Code It Bootcamp for C#/.NET and earned my certification as a Full Stack Developer.


I have a degree in English from Kent State University and a background in Carpentry. I live in rural Portage County, Ohio with my wife, my mother-in-law and two children, a dog and many cats. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing guitar, and working on my vintage Chevy trucks. Note: I have zero free time.


C# • .NET Core • ASP.NET Core • JavaScript • MVC • HTML • CSS • TDD • Agile (Scrum) • Object Oriented Programming (OOP) • JSON • React • Restful APIs • Responsive Design / Mobile • SQL • GitHub • Reply • Asana • Hunter • Front

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