andy kohler

Not Learning By Watching Videos

I feel like I'm finally ready to admit that watching videos does nothing for me as far as learning coding goes. And it's not just the need to engage by coding along or something. Watching videos just doesn't interest me. I could read the same content and come away with more , I think, merely because I enjoy reading and engage more with the written word.

Truthfully, having paid subscriptions to the common coding video teaching services just makes me feel good, like I took a step in the right direction, like I gained a resource. I notice I never really follow up with it, though. Having someone show me code and explain how it works never did much for me. Memorizing concepts never did much for me. But doing the work in my own projects, or relating high level concepts to my own code has resulted in knowledge that's stayed with me.

After touching base on a few of the courses I'd bookmarked, I've decided to cancel my last video subscription today. From here on out, I want my independent code work time to either be on something like LeetCode (admittedly I find these kinds of problems inscrutable), a self-driven project, using css to draw a picture, or following along with a book on coding, of which I have several. I haven't coded along with books much but I'm interested to try that.